How Microsoft Is Transforming Football With Data And ML


LaLiga and Microsoft, Spain’s premier football associations, have announced an expansion of their partnership focused on transforming the sporting experience into digital globally. The two companies will also collaborate in developing technology solutions for the media and entertainment industry through LaLiga Tech, a technology product from LaLiga.

As LaLiga’s Global Technology and Innovation Partner, Microsoft helps develop new and leverage existing solutions that drive innovation across the sports industry, including:

For sports enthusiasts: Azure Event Hubs, Azure Data Lake, Azure Databricks, and Azure Machine Learning offer personalised OTT streaming options such as data-enhanced match coverage and camera angle selection in matches. LaLiga offers new experiences such as augmented reality, virtual reality and 3D replay.

For Azure, Dynamics 365, Power BI, SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB rights holders, broadcasters, and commercial partners, Azure Machine Learning provides personalised recommendations and enhanced experiences with relevant content, games, and services. It provides an enhanced OTT streaming platform featuring.

For venue admins: Power BI and Azure streamline stadium operations through security innovations and leverage 5G for a unified experience within the stadium.

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As part of the collaboration, LaLiga will reinvent the interactive audiovisual experience and format using Microsoft Azure, which includes AI and machine learning for the LaLigaSportsTV OTT platform and the Mediacoach (statistics and visualisation match) platform.

Javier Tebas, President of LaLiga, said: “We are moving into a new era where technology is at the heart of the fan experience and data insights empower the next phase of global growth.”

“LaLiga is taking a bold move to engage with hundreds of millions of fans while bringing new business models to market using Microsoft’s cloud and AI capabilities, so LaLiga. We are excited to expand our partnership with LaLiga.” Microsoft Corp’s Global Sales, Marketing & Operations President. “Microsoft accelerates LaLiga’s digital innovation through LaLiga’s technology portfolio and is an exciting new business in the sports and entertainment industry. We are proud to support the opportunity.” 

This collaboration is the key to LaLiga Tech’s growth and development, and LaLiga packages all of its existing technology as a commercial product for the sports industry, from matchday statistics and analysis to next-generation OTT streaming services. State-of-the-art content protection services and venue access management system. This allows LaLiga to extend into a new era of sports, enhance the fan experience, and be customised by creating new data-driven technology solutions that leverage Microsoft Azure, Power BI, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft 365. Helps to provide technology platforms, services, and solutions. To a third party.

These products build on LaLiga’s rich history of investing in and focusing on developing innovative technologies aimed at enhancing the fan experience, such as the robust app ecosystem on Microsoft Azure services. The official LaLiga app family has been downloaded over 113 million times worldwide. LaLigaSportsTV, which provides a free OTT video streaming platform for multiple sports other than football, has more than 1.5 million registered users.

The solution leverages powerful data and AI to deliver personalised content based on fan tastes, as well as games that attract casual and hardcore fans on and after the match. Provide video.

In addition, LaLiga leverages the Microsoft Power BI dashboard to provide visualisation of data about TV viewers, fans 360, social media, brand liking and engagement, and country-specific web and app performance. And let that club create a more engaging and customized experience.

With the enhanced partnership announced, LaLiga and Microsoft will focus on collaborative innovation and cloud acceleration using Microsoft Azure and its AI capabilities. Through this collaboration, LaLiga Tech’s assets will continue to provide LaLiga with new growth and business opportunities by leveraging the best innovations emerging in sports markets, entertainment companies and other for-profit companies around the world.