Huawei To Build New ‘Cloud Region’ In Saudi Arabia


Chinese technology giant Huawei plans to build a cloud region in Saudi Arabia, allowing businesses and governments in the Middle East to have more access to the company’s cloud services.

Rotating Chairman, Duo Ping, announced LEAP in Riyadh, noting the Kingdom’s aggressive plans to become one of the world’s top technology-driven economies in the world.

“Over the past three years alone, many global enterprises have fully embraced digitalisation, with the top 10 per cent of these organisations growing their revenue as much as five times faster than those who have not embraced digitalisation,” he explained.

Ping reiterated Huawei’s role in the ongoing digitalisation trend in Saudi Arabia, citing examples that helped crucial industries adopt new ways of engaging customers.

“For the past 17 years, the company has assured stable Saudi telecom networks during major national events such as the Hajj that demands high-quality networks,” the Huawei executive said in a statement. It also added that it worked with Aramco on intelligent oil field operations.

The Kingdom, under its Vision 2030, has identified technology as a key success factor for its goals to diversify its economy, including exploring ways to apply artificial intelligence in key industries.

Huawei has pledged to support this endeavour, Ping said, mainly working with Saudi Arabia to develop a large-scale AI model in language identification, medical research and development, and disease detection, among others.