IBM Expands watsonx Portfolio on AWS

IBM Expands watsonx Portfolio on AWS

IBM’s extended portfolio will make it easier to scale AI in the enterprise using an open, hybrid approach supported by end-to-end governance.

IBM announced that it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to make the full portfolio of IBM offerings within the watsonx artificial intelligence (AI) and data platform available for use with AWS services.

The companies plan to integrate IBM watsonx.governance and Amazon SageMaker, a service to build, train, and deploy machine learning (ML) and generative AI models with fully managed infrastructure, tools, and workflows to help Amazon SageMaker and watsonx customers manage model risk and support compliance obligations in connection with recent regulatory requirements such as the EU AI Act.

This integration rounds out the availability of the watsonx platform in AWS Marketplace, which already includes IBM and as customer-managed offerings.

Ritika Gunnar, General Manager, Product Management, Data and AI, IBM, said,  “IBM’s open AI and hybrid cloud strategy is critical to helping businesses get value from AI, with their own trusted data, no matter what technology they use or where they’re using it. Watsonx.governance enables them to manage and govern their AI solutions in an automated way, with the ability to customise solutions to their unique needs as they bring on more AI capability and respond to evolving AI regulations around the world.”

“Our expanded relationship with AWS combines IBM’s leading AI governance with Amazon SageMaker, offering customers flexibility, scalability, and integration with other AWS services,”  Ritika added.

Available in June, watsonx.governance and Amazon SageMaker will help clients streamline workflows, accelerate time to market for AI initiatives, and manage AI across complex IT environments and ecosystems. They will be able to configure and track fully customisable risk assessment and model approval workflows across multiple stakeholders, providing an audit trail in both watsonx and Amazon SageMaker.

Ankur Mehrotra, General Manager of Amazon SageMaker at AWS, said, “Our collaboration with IBM will bring even more generative AI solutions to our mutual customers. By combining the strengths of Amazon SageMaker and watsonx.governance, we are empowering businesses to leverage generative AI effectively and securely, drive workflow improvements, and ultimately deliver greater value. We look forward to continuing to innovate together on meaningful AI solutions for our customers.”

Further supporting clients on their generative AI journey, is available on AWS to make it easier for customers to access, visualise and transform data for use in generative AI workloads. Through the open data lakehouse on AWS, customers can access data across hybrid environments including Db2 Warehouse, Netezza and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) for Db2, and AWS services such as Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

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With the integration of Watsonx.governance and Amazon SageMaker, IBM Consulting will be able to help joint clients establish a responsible AI framework to support their Amazon SageMaker initiatives across the enterprise while managing model risk, demonstrating regulatory compliance, and monitoring model performance.

IBM’s extended portfolio will make it easier to scale AI in the enterprise using an open, hybrid approach supported by end-to-end governance.