IBM To Acquire Randori


The addition of Randori helps further simplify threat detection and response, building on the recent acquisition of ReaQta and launch of QRadar XDR

IBM announced that it plans to acquire Randori, a leading attack surface management (ASM) and offensive cybersecurity provider. Randori helps clients identify external facing assets, both on-premise or in the cloud, visible to attackers, and prioritises exposures that pose the most significant risk. It further advances IBM’s Hybrid Cloud strategy and strengthens its AI-powered cybersecurity products and services portfolio.

“Our clients today are faced with managing a complex technology landscape of accelerating cyberattacks targeted at applications running across various hybrid cloud environments, from public clouds, private clouds and on-premises. In this environment, it is essential for organisations to arm themselves with an attacker’s perspective to help find their most critical blind spots and focus their efforts on areas that will minimise business disruption and damages to revenue and reputation,” said Mary O’Brien, General Manager, IBM Security.

Randori is IBM’s fourth acquisition in 2022 as the company continues to bolster its hybrid cloud and AI skills and capabilities, including in cybersecurity. IBM has acquired more than 20 companies since Arvind Krishna became CEO in April 2020.

Designed to help security teams zero in on previously unknown exposure points, Randori’s unique attack surface management solution takes into account the logic of an adversary based on real-world attacks – and is the only one to prioritise based on the level of risk as well as the attractiveness of an asset to potential attackers using their proprietary scoring system.

By simply entering an email domain, Randori will begin mapping a customer’s attack surface, helping to identify shadow IT risks and potential entry points for ransomware. Upon the close of the acquisition, IBM plans to integrate Randori’s attack surface management software with the extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities of IBM Security QRadar. By feeding insights from Randori into QRadar XDR, security teams will be able to leverage real-time attack surface visibility for intelligent alert triage, threat hunting, and incident response. This can help eliminate the need for customers to monitor new critical applications manually and respond quickly when new issues or emerging threats arise on their perimeter.

IBM will leverage Randori to complement X-Force Red’s elite hacker lead offensive security services while further enriching QRadar XDR detection and response capabilities. This will allow more global customers to benefit from a top-tier attack experience that helps uncover where organisations are most vulnerable. Randori insights will also be leveraged by IBM’s Managed Security Services to help improve threat detection for thousands of clients.