Immuta Joins Data Governance Accelerated Program From Snowflake


Immuta, a provider of universal cloud data access control and a premier Snowflake partner, announced it has joined the Data Governance Accelerated Program from Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. This new program provides joint customers best-in-class security, access control, auditing, and privacy management, according to the vendor.

“We’re excited to join the Data Governance Accelerated program to enable all of our customers to take advantage of Snowflake’s powerful capabilities,” said Matthew Carroll, CEO, Immuta. “The power of granular access control provided by Snowflake, combined with Immuta’s policy authoring abstraction, gives data-driven organisations a scalable, evolvable, and efficient way to share and access data on Snowflake’s Data Cloud.”

Through Immuta’s native integration with Snowflake Data Cloud, customers can seamlessly leverage the scalability and near-zero maintenance benefits of Snowflake while automating data access control and security — unlocking new use cases and scaling data workloads.

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Immuta is the universal cloud data access control platform, enabling organisations to scale cloud data infrastructure easily and efficiently while maintaining strong data security.

Joint customers also benefit from the combination of Snowflake’s object tagging and Immuta’s industry-leading attribute-based access controls (ABAC), which enables data governance teams to apply classifications natively in Snowflake and use them to author and enforce policies in Immuta.

Immuta also announced its latest product release will streamline and enhance the data governance experience for joint customers.

With its latest release, Immuta is more deeply integrated with Snowflake, providing a scalable, automated way to author and evolve complex data access control policies.

In July, Immuta announced that it was the first data access control solution in Snowflake’s Partner Connect portal, and earlier this year announced that it achieved Snowflake Premier Partner Status.

“We are thrilled that Immuta has joined our Data Governance Accelerated Program,” said Tarik Dwiek, head of technology alliances, Snowflake. “Snowflake helps customers mobilise their data and Immuta helps our joint customers ensure confidence that their data is protected.”