Infoblox Invests in Cloud Specialization to Scale Success of Channel Partners Selling SaaS

Infoblox Invests in Cloud Specialization to Scale Success of Channel Partners Selling SaaS (1)

New Cloud Specialization aligns 2020’s top-performing channel partners with Infoblox Cloud Champions to create a cloud-first, SaaS savvy sales force

With a relentless and growing focus on partner success, Infoblox Inc., the Secure Cloud-Managed Network Services leader, is investing in expanding its top-performing cloud-first channel partners’ skill sets.

The new Infoblox Cloud Specialisation program marks a foundational step in executing the company’s SaaS go-to-market strategy, which is predominantly channel-centric and applies to the latest advances in microservices and containerisation and virtualisation to bring foundational DDI and security capabilities to the cloud in new and different ways.

“SaaS is the future of sales at Infoblox, and we are thrilled to debut our Cloud Specialisation program and further enable our channel partners to market, sell and support our secure SaaS solutions at scale,” says Sandy Janes, Senior Director of Global Partner Programs and Operations, Infoblox. “Rewarding our channel partners throughout the customer lifecycle is a top priority at Infoblox and a key differentiator within our expanded SaaS program.”

As part of the new SaaS designation, up to 30 designated channel partners worldwide will gain exclusive access to Infoblox’s Cloud Champions — a team of proven cloud experts in field sales, business development, customer training and other disciplines. Working together, Infoblox’s Cloud Champions will help these channel partners expand their cloud business and achieve tremendous success through more effective marketing, selling and supporting SaaS-based solutions. Additional partner benefits will include double-digit sales incentives, exclusive training and education offerings, as well as executive insights and peer-to-peer learnings.

“Organisations continue to demand flexible, subscription-based consumption models,” says Jon Jensen, VP of Sales, Cybersecurity at Presidio, a leading IT solution provider and Infoblox channel partner participating in this year’s Cloud Specialisation program. “The team at Infoblox continues to impress by investing in areas like SaaS programs that impact our success and better enable us with the technology, training and talent to transform our customers’ infrastructure to a more secure and scalable work from anywhere cloud environment.”

“Since the shutdown began a year ago, businesses of all sizes are increasingly consuming cloud-managed DDI and security to transform how they work and, in many cases, where they work from,” says Jesper Andersen, CEO and President, Infoblox. “Our channel partners have never been more valuable to the market or more vulnerable, which is why we continue to innovate – not only by delivering security and networking technologies as services but also SaaS sales enablement and success. Our investment in the Cloud Specialization program is a milestone in our journey to becoming one of the IT channel’s top SaaS innovators and sales enablers.”