Infor’s Three for Free Program Can Help Smaller Distributors Leverage Cloud ERP Technology 


Infor, the industry cloud company, announced a “Three for Free” program for smaller distributors in North America, designed to help them leverage cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology in an effort to help them rebound from the pandemic and strengthen their businesses.

For a limited time, small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in North America can receive a subscription for three free user licenses of Infor CloudSuite Distribution — a cloud platform powered by the Infor Distribution SX.e ERP system — with an optional fixed-fee services engagement. The program applies to any SMB that is not already an Infor ERP customer.   

SMBs have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic and may be hesitant to invest in new technologies, according to Kelly Squizzero, Infor senior director of industry & solution strategy for distribution. Infor’s “Three for Free” program is designed to help remove that obstacle and enable SMBs to use cloud technology to help improve their productivity, infrastructure and security.

“Infor cloud solutions can help SMBs get back to business faster and stronger and can help them level the playing field against larger competitors,” Squizzero explained. “Infor CloudSuite Distribution is uniquely suited to help address increasing customer demands, stronger security threats, a challenging employment market, and the need for greater visibility.”

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With built-in industry practices, Infor CloudSuite Distribution can be rapidly implemented, without customisation, which can help drive faster time-to-value and lower total cost of ownership. It can also help remove the burden of managing infrastructure, so SMBs can focus on strategic growth and other initiatives.

According to Matt Twomey, president of Electrical Terminal Service — a wholesale distributor of electrical apparatus and equipment, headquartered in the Detroit metropolitan area — his company’s move to Infor CloudSuite Distribution brought a number of immediate benefits to the business. These included providing access to near-real-time pricing and availability, giving employees the ability to work from anywhere at any time, and enabling a 10 per cent decrease in inventory without impacting delivery commitments to customers.   

“The CloudSuite system can handle our growth in sales and in products,” Twomey said. “It has made our lives a lot easier by removing redundant or unnecessary tasks, and it gives us good visibility across the business. It’s been big for us.”