Intel, du Collaborate To Enable Digital Transformation


du, for Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC), has announced an ambitious plan to prototype and launch an innovative solution for the leading telecom provider’s 5G Standalone (SA) private network.

These innovation-centric efforts will be supported by a strategic collaboration alongside Intel, with the multinational technology company contributing by providing key technologies such as Intel’s FlexRAN software, Intel Smart Edge Open, Intel Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit, and the next-gen Intel Xeon D processor.

Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer, du, said, “From a du standpoint, we are excited about this innovative collaboration with Intel, which will undoubtedly help us to realise the full potential not only of 5G but also next-generation intelligent edge services where our 5G SA private network is concerned. Intel has continuously demonstrated its vast technological capabilities for enabling end-to-end solutions for many years. As such, we look forward to welcoming this level of innovative expertise as we welcome a new cutting-edge solution to our network, with Intel Smart Edge Open among the Intel portfolio solutions certain to contribute as we provide a competitive offering in an increasingly dynamic market.”

The new enterprise connectivity solution, which will include a RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) and cost-efficient open-source 5G core network, aims to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership and accelerate the process of digitalisation for du’s enterprise and government customers.

Implemented using Intel Smart Edge Open, an open-source software initiative that helps to accelerate the creation of new applications and services for 5G and edge, it will ultimately provide unprecedented levels of security required in Industry 4.0, smart city, smart transportation, hospitals, and other segments primed to benefit from transformative 5G effects.

Renu Navale, Vice President, Network Platform Group, Intel, added: “This collaboration with du represents a strong desire to accelerate the possibilities of 5G and Edge computing through standalone private networks. Moving forward, we look to create prototypes that bring to market reliable, secure, and affordable platforms powered by next-gen Intel Xeon D processors and Intel Smart Edge Open for the du 5G SA private network, which is already an established accelerator for enterprise customer’s digital transformation aspirations nationwide. This partnership will enhance du’s efforts to support the digital transformation aspirations of its enterprise customers across the UAE.”

In addition, the Intel Smart Edge Open software will make it easier for Cloud and IoT developers to develop applications, enabling them to abstract network complexities and take advantage of the underlying networking capabilities offered by Intel platforms and solutions.