Intellimize Releases AI-Powered Copy Suggestions 


Intellimize helps marketers convert more ad spend into revenue through AI-powered copy suggestions, simplified A/B testing, and enhanced rules-based personalisation.

Intellimize, marketing’s intelligent website conversion and dynamic personalisation platform, today unveiled many new capabilities to provide greater scale, speed, and agility for leaner marketing teams.

“As marketers are squeezed to deliver more performance, we’ve made it easier for them to do more with less. Our latest enhancements simplify marketers to brainstorm great, persuasive copy that converts. We’ve also added turnkey A/B testing, account-based marketing, and rules-based personalisation so marketers can run every conversion rate optimisation with Intellimize,” said Guy Yalif, CEO and co-founder.

This release extends Intellimize’s previous no code personalisation feature release in June with:

  • Intelligent AI-powered copy suggestions to help marketers beat writer’s block and quickly inspire better quality website headlines, copy, calls to action, and other text content.
  • Simplified A/B testing makes it easy to find the single best-performing version of a website with confidence, such as choosing between two different signup flows.
  • Enhanced rules-based personalisation (RBP), making it easy to deliver the right experience to each customer segment, such as showing the largest discounts only to the best certain customers.
  • Scalable account-based marketing (ABM), enabling account-by-account personalisation in minutes, such as showing an account-specific welcome video to each top-named account.
  • A 75 per cent faster dashboard makes it even easier for marketers to create unlimited personalisation variations in minutes.

“As the economy continues to change and buyer behaviours become less predictable, we’ve armed our customers with the website optimisation and dynamic personalisation tools they need to provide exceptional personalised experiences that convert more business,” said Yalif. “That’s a universal goal of every brand, which has never been more critical than now.”

Intellimize is the only website conversion optimisation platform that places machine learning-based optimisation, called Continuous Conversion, user-friendly A/B testing, rules-based personalisation, scalable account-based marketing, and AI-powered text suggestions in the hands of marketers.