Invoca Announces New Functionality To Conversational Data To Drive Revenue


Invoca, a leader in conversation intelligence for revenue teams, announced several new capabilities to help customers capture and take immediate action on their conversational data.

The new features, including outbound call support, Lost Sales Recovery, global transcript search, and a “no-code” integration library, empower revenue teams to deliver better customer experiences and drive revenue.

New functionality includes:

  • Outbound call support builds upon existing conversation intelligence capabilities to extend quality assurance (QA) scorecards to outbound calls. Insights can now be captured across the entire buyer journey, whether the conversion occurs on the initial inbound call or a follow-up call from an agent. These insights are especially important for businesses that sell products or services with longer sales cycles.
  • Lost Sales Recovery uses artificial intelligence (AI) to detect missed sales opportunities when callers fail to reach a live agent because they hung up or reached voicemail. Businesses can then create follow-up strategies to recover missed sales opportunities, such as a return phone call or digital campaign.
  • Global transcript search uses Google-like search capabilities to enable marketers to search across all conversation data at once. This broadened view opens up actionable ways to glean deeper insights about the buying experience, such as reviewing mentions of specific competitors or particular offers.
  • “No Code” integration library empowers end users to set up direct data integrations with various marketing and customer engagement platforms. This “no-code” experience provides a quick view into supported integrations using a simple, self-service workflow. Businesses can remain agile while keeping real-time visibility into their integration health.

“Conversation intelligence is a must-have for brands that blend the digital experience with the human touch,” said Nathan Ziv, SVP of Product Management at Invoca. “These new features will extend the value of conversational data to outbound calls, help businesses capture revenue from missed calls, glean more insights from conversational data and activate that data across core marketing and customer engagement platforms.”

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New Feature Announcements Follow Several Platform Updates in 2021

With its acquisition of DialogTech in May, Invoca doubled the size of its research and development (R&D) team and increased its R&D investment to $20 million, enabling the company to accelerate its product roadmap and deliver more innovative solutions to its customers faster than ever before.

In June 2021, Invoca launched Invoca for Sales, the first major expansion of the Invoca platform to help businesses accelerate revenue growth and increase close rates with data-driven agent coaching. Invoca for Sales helps businesses gain visibility into sales performance and call-handling quality at the individual agent level. With the ability to automate the call scoring process, sales managers spend less time spotting problems and more time solving them.