IonQ Announces New Forte Quantum Computer


IonQ has announced IonQ Forte, its latest generation of quantum systems. The system features novel, cutting-edge optics technology that enables increased accuracy and further enhances IonQ’s industry-leading system performance.

Forte is the latest evolution towards a “software-configurable quantum computer,” which is designed to allow the company to optimise the computing hardware for targeted user problems–ultimately, giving users customised algorithmic performance. The new system features acousto-optic deflector (AOD) technology, allowing IonQ to direct laser beams that drive quantum gates towards individual ions.

The AOD is designed to minimise noise and overcome variations in ion position, improving fidelity in long chains of trapped ions, which is crucial for scaling quantum computers. In addition, key parameters, including qubit and gate configuration, can be tailored to user needs, creating a truly dynamic and flexible system.

Forte joins IonQ Aria as the company’s second system with a capacity of up to 32 qubits, has AOD systems capable of addressing up to 40 individual ion qubits, and is currently configured to use 31 of them. With this technological leap, IonQ furthers its commitment to building ever more powerful quantum computers with an increasing number of algorithmic qubits, an application-oriented performance metric for quantum computers.

“IonQ Forte is further proof that high-performance quantum computers can be designed and built to improve both qubit count and gate fidelity simultaneously. We expect this to lead to quantum computers with increasing algorithmic qubit numbers that will enable the search for solutions to the most complex problems of our time. IonQ’s quantum systems, including Aria and Forte, are at the forefront of achieving practical utility. The most impactful quantum computing applications will come to light when leading innovators seeking new ways to tackle their formidable problems get to work with the best systems and customise them for their unique needs. We can’t wait to get these systems in people’s hands,” said Jungsang Kim, Chief Technology Officer, IonQ.

Forte is expected to be initially available for select developers, partners, and researchers in 2022 and is expected to be available for broader customer access in 2023.