Ivanti Partners With SentinelOne


Ivanti and SentinelOne are joining forces to help customers reduce the risk of cyberattacks and deliver an autonomous vulnerability assessment, prioritisation, and remediation solution.

Ivanti, the provider of the Ivanti Neurons automation platform that discovers, manages, secures, and services IT assets from cloud to edge, and SentinelOne, an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, announced that they have joined forces to help organisations adopt a comprehensive, risk-based approach to patch management and bolster cybersecurity against cyber threats, including ransomware attacks. Ivanti and SentinelOne will integrate their best-in-class technologies – Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management and SentinelOne’s Singularity XDR platform – to deliver vulnerability assessment, prioritisation, and remediation at machine speed.

Today, patch management remains a significant challenge for many organisations. Security and IT teams often struggle with mapping vulnerabilities to software updates, patch lag, fragmented processes, diverse technology stacks and disjointed teams. According to a recent Ivanti survey, 71 per cent of IT and security professionals said they find patching to be overly complex, cumbersome, and time-consuming. And 53 per cent said that organising and prioritising critical vulnerabilities takes up most of their time. As a result, many security and IT teams only patch new vulnerabilities or those disclosed in the National Vulnerability Database (NVD). Yet this can lead to enterprise security gaps that allow threat actors to wreak havoc, as the NVD currently misses over 20 per cent of all common vulnerabilities and exposures.

Legacy vulnerability management processes are putting organisations at increased risk of cyberattacks. Today, unpatched application and OS vulnerabilities remain one of the most prominent attack vectors exploited by hackers. Attackers can weaponise vulnerabilities faster than ever before and target the weaknesses that create maximum disruption and impact. In fact, the Ransomware Index Report Q1 2022 revealed that the increased sophistication of ransomware groups has resulted in vulnerabilities being exploited within eight days of vulnerabilities being disclosed by vendors. Every vulnerability is a race against time between the enterprise to fortify all assets and threat actors to penetrate any soft target.

This partnership will help solve these challenges by enabling organisations to harden endpoints, improve cyber hygiene, and reduce attack surfaces by quickly detecting vulnerabilities and remediating those weaknesses in a single click. The integrated Ivanti and SentinelOne solution will provide security and IT teams with context and adaptive intelligence regarding their organisation’s exposures to vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited, including whether those vulnerabilities are tied to ransomware, and then enable them to remediate those threats quickly. Ivanti and SentinelOne will help enterprises greatly reduce the mean time to detect, discover, remediate, and respond to cyber threats, particularly critical vulnerabilities linked to or associated with ransomware.

“We are excited to partner with SentinelOne to help organisations bolster cyber hygiene and better defend against cyberattacks,” said Nayaki Nayyar, President and Chief Product Officer at Ivanti. “Our AI-based Ivanti Neurons for Patch Management solution can identify enterprise exposures and active threats, provide early warnings of vulnerability weaponisation, predict attacks, and prioritise remediation activities. Plus, we offer agent-based and agent-less patching and support for a broad-based catalogue of over 350 enterprise applications. These advanced capabilities greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security and IT teams in assessing and deploying security patches and combating weaponised vulnerabilities used by cyber adversaries.”

“Autonomous vulnerability assessment and remediation is necessary amid the uptick in cyberattack sophistication and volume,” said Nicholas Warner, President, Security at SentinelOne. “Singularity XDR helps organisations automate cybersecurity across endpoint, cloud, and identity. In partnership with Ivanti, we deliver our customers an autonomous, risk-based approach for cybersecurity. Security teams benefit from automation to continuously identify vulnerability exposure and remediate those risks at machine speed.”

“The SentinelOne – Ivanti partnership is a great example of how Ivanti works with world-class cybersecurity ISVs to deliver patch management to their customers,” said Mark Stevens, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Alliances, Ivanti. “We are delighted to forge this relationship with SentinelOne and bring automated patching to SentinelOne customers and partners. It is another validation of the robust set of endpoint security solutions we offer to ISVs looking to strengthen their own solutions by leveraging our APIs and SDKs for patch management, discovery, remote control, application control and device control.”

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