Kaspersky Launches Thin Client 2.0

Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 Cyber Immune protection with enhanced connectivity, performance and design

Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 is developed using the Cyber Immune approach, which ensures that it is secure by design.

Kaspersky has announced an update to its operating system and launched Thin Client 2.0, which is available in the Middle East through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SCOPE Middle East.

Fadi AbuEkab, CEO of SCOPE Middle East, said, “By joining forces with Kaspersky, SCOPE Middle East is fortifying digital defences across the Middle East. Our partnership heralds a new era of cyber resilience, ensuring that businesses in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan stand fortified against evolving threats. Together, we empower organisations with cutting-edge Cyber Immune solutions and comprehensive security management suite plug-ins, safeguarding their digital landscapes with unparalleled efficacy.”

Andrey Suvorov, Head of KasperskyOS, said, “Kaspersky Thin Client is a secure-by-design, easy-to-manage and affordable product, designed for industries that require advanced cyber resilience. Now it enables customers with even faster, more powerful, and more user-friendly protection. Thanks to the Centerm F620 hardware platform, Kaspersky offers the enhanced Thin Client as a ready-to-use endpoint device, providing new native integration with modern virtual desktop infrastructures. Bringing Cyber Immunity to the workplace industry, we strengthen Kaspersky product portfolio and take another step towards the Cyber Immunity era.”

Kaspersky Thin Client 2.0 (KTC 2.0) is developed in accordance with the Cyber Immune approach – that ensures it is secure by design.