King Abdullah University of Science & Technology Joins Kerafast As Providing Institution


Kerafast announced that King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), located in Thuwal, Saudi Arabia, is the 200th academic institution to join their international community of scientists. Kerafast is the developer of an online portal for academic researchers worldwide to share their laboratory-created reagents. The company specialises in providing access to difficult-to-obtain materials, while providing generous royalties to the investigators and their institutions. 

The KAUST addition brings new biomaterials to the catalog, including nanopeptide reagents used for biomedical applications.

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Kerafast’s Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Jennifer Rossi, said, “Our 200th institution milestone was reached by including nanopeptide reagents from the laboratory of Professor Charlotte Hauser, the first KAUST researcher to provide materials for our catalog. We are excited to work with KAUST and give back to the science community by streamlining access to rare and important research materials designed to accelerate research and cure disease.”

Dr. Riddhi Shukla, technology deployment manager at KAUST Innovation, added, “We are committed to advancing research, both at our institution and on a global scale. Dr. Hauser’s nanopeptides are important research tools for regenerative medicine, and our collaboration with Kerafast will enable their dissemination to laboratories worldwide.”