Kissflow Reimagines Testing, Deployment To Fast-Track Process Delivery


Kissflow, a SaaS software company, announced the addition of an end-to-end Process Simulator in the latest version of its no-code platform.

With this, business users no longer have to worry about separate environments for developing, testing and deploying workflows and can instead create, simulate and go live within a single interface.

While the positive impact that process automation can potentially deliver has become increasingly evident to Middle East organisations, their ambitions could be hindered by overworked IT departments becoming a bottleneck to effective implementation. The biggest challenge citizen developers face is the ability to understand and handle test environments. Even though the development UI allows business users to create processes, systems don’t allow them to test and deploy these workflows and processes in the same environment. These environments are complex and unintuitive, forcing business users to rely on IT to deploy even the smallest changes. This results in delays in delivering and, at times, stuck in the feedback loop before deployment.

Dinesh Varadharajan, Chief Product Officer at Kissflow, explains, “Conventionally, no-code platforms are either too basic, don’t offer customisation, or are too complex that applications can’t be built and rolled out without IT’s intervention. Rising customer demands put a lot of pressure on the business user, whereas the technology or the IT team is not agile enough to handle constant changes and corrections. What they need is not just a way to preview but to simulate the entire workflow from an end-user perspective in a simple and easy to use environment. No more feedback loops just before go-live!”

The new Kissflow process simulator puts business users first by offering them a single environment for the comprehensive simulation of end-to-end workflows. The solution also offers users the ability to test and view the outcome of Forms, Approvals and Integrations in real-time, as well as to play role impersonations to view and test from different end-user perspectives.

This latest update follows a recent round of enhancements to the Kissflow No-code platform, which were made available to the company’s Middle East customers in December last year. With Kissflow’s platform, businesses can automate both simple processes as well as complex and dynamic cases in a single platform. Over 140 readymade templates are available for business users to set up and launch anything from simple approval requests to complex processes. These drag and drop templates are built for use by HR, sales, IT, finance, procurement, customer support and other functions.