Kovair and Boomi Partner to Drive DevOps Automation and Secure App Delivery

Kovair and Boomi Partner to Drive DevOps Automation and Secure App Delivery

Through this collaboration, Kovair brings its managed DevOps-as-a-Service to the Boomi Enterprise Platform.

The digital age demands constant innovation and agility from businesses. Organisations are pressured to develop and deliver high-quality applications faster than before while maintaining complete security and compliance.

To address these challenges, software companies are forging strategic partnerships to provide developers with a comprehensive suite of tools.

One such partnership is between Kovair Software, a provider of DevSecOps, DevOps and Application Lifecycle Management solutions, and Boomi, a provider of cloud-based integration platform as a service. Through this collaboration, Kovair brings its managed DevOps-as-a-Service to the Boomi Enterprise Platform. This helps businesses automate development pipelines, expedite global application delivery and achieve secure and compliant deployments.

Kovair’s integration with Boomi’s iPaaS provides Boomi customers with a powerful set of tools to streamline development workflows and ensure secure deployments. Kovair’s DevOps platform offers:

  • Automated compliance and testing: Organisations can automate critical compliance checks and test operations within their development pipeline. This ensures applications meet all regulatory requirements and function flawlessly.
  • Robust policy management: Kovair’s platform enforces complete policy compliance, guaranteeing development adheres to established security protocols and best practices.
  • Configurable pipelines and security assessments: Configurable development pipelines offer flexibility and control over the development process. Additionally, Kovair integrates security vulnerability assessments. This is to proactively identify and mitigate potential security risks.
  • Simplified Boomi component builds: The user-friendly Managed DevOps-as-a-Service Plugin simplifies Boomi’s component build process to accelerate development cycles and enhance overall connectivity.
  • Low-code/no-code integration and CI/CD acceleration: The partnership fosters faster application development by integrating low-code/no-code functionalities. Furthermore, Kovair strengthens Boomi’s existing CI/CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) pipeline.

By joining the Boomi Technology Partner Program, Kovair gains access to a vast network of Boomi customers across various industries, including government, education, finance, healthcare and manufacturing.

The Boomi platform is known for its scalability and allows organisations to orchestrate data easily between applications.

“Seamless integration among applications with cloud-based delivery is important to Boomi customers,” said Reggie Penn, Vice President of Boomi Marketplace and Technology Alliances. “As Boomi continues to build out its ecosystem of solutions that address critical business challenges, Kovair is a welcome addition, helping us further enable organisations to break down silos, automate workflows, and connect everyone to everything, anywhere.”

This strategic partnership between Kovair and Boomi lets development teams automate workflows, expedite secure deployments and achieve a significant competitive edge in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

“Leveraging the Boomi Enterprise Platform with Kovair’s Managed DevOps-as-a-Service solution, CIO/CTO teams can effectively achieve their business goals by integrating best-of-breed elements of DevOps tooling into a single overarching system. The value is improved collaboration, monitoring, management, and reporting per policy and governance requirements,” said Sid Yenamandra, Kovair CEO.