Kyndi Unveils Kyndi Natural Language Search Solution

Kyndi, the natural language processing (NLP) company, announced the availability of the Kyndi Natural Language Search Solution, the first end-to-end offering designed to maximise the relevancy and speed of finding answers in unstructured, text-based data.

Due to limited NLP expertise and the cost of tuning and deploying state-of-the-art language models, organisations of all sizes often overlook natural language search as both a top and bottom-line business driver. 

Kyndi has proven that its customers derive significant business value from their investments in natural language search, from simplifying website content discovery to driving engagement and conversion to empower employees to self-serve and find the knowledge that drives productivity and operational efficiency.

“Better enterprise search has been a goal for organisations for the last twenty years,” said David Schubmehl, Research VP for Conversational AI and Intelligent Knowledge Discovery at IDC. “The use of AI and better natural language processing is beginning to provide organisations with better products and techniques that improve the search experience, sometimes dramatically. Kyndi Natural Language Search appears to be one such product, and IDC looks forward to its entry into the growing market for AI-powered search.”

Today, individuals still spend at least 400 hours each year searching for information, resulting in millions of dollars in operational costs and lost business opportunities. Kyndi’s Natural Language Search solution cuts search time by half while delivering twice the information accuracy. This means customers and employees can use accurate business insights immediately to enhance customer engagement, reduce risk, and identify future business opportunities.

Through Kyndi’s Early Adopter Program, Kyndi customers have already started transforming into natural-language-enabled businesses. The Kyndi Natural Language Search Solution offers a number of cutting-edge capabilities, including:

  • Kyndi site search: Powered by Kyndi’s Natural Language Platform, Kyndi’s Site Search solution simplifies digital content discovery, increasing engagement and conversion by helping customers quickly find answers to questions buried in digital content.
  • Natural Language Understanding (NLU): Built on top of a set of NLU capabilities, Kyndi’s advanced cognitive abilities can detect user intent, query variations, semantic similarity and more. Providing accuracy and speed, Kyndi delivers relevant, comprehensive answers to users every time they search.
  • User-friendly explanations: Kyndi’s Explainable AI enables end-users to click-thru search results to see answers in the underlying data context, while developers can tune and optimise the result with minimal effort.
  • No-code environment: Kyndi allows users of all skill levels to manage the set-up, language extension, testing, and benchmarking of a semantically tuned, searchable content volume without code. With Kyndi, users can extend their language model at runtime, saving time and resources for model re-training.
  • Flexible and fast deployment: Deploy and launch Kyndi Natural Language Search into production in days or weeks instead of months or years. Kyndi can be run in a multi-tenant environment fully managed by Kyndi or in a single-tenant VPC hosted by Kyndi or by the organisation’s internal team.