Landmark Credit Union Launches AI-powered Virtual Assistant


Clinc, the leader in conversational artificial intelligence technology for banking, announced that Landmark Credit Union launched Clinc’s Virtual Banking Agent.

The new voice and text-enabled chatbot enhance the experience for Landmark’s 370,000+ members seeking convenient, 24/7 access to information and support resources via the credit union’s website. 

Landmark’s virtual assistant provides members with a seamless and modern method for quickly accessing and locating information. Clinc’s technology allows members to interact with the assistant in a natural, free-flowing conversation, using either spoken or typed queries. The virtual assistant maintains context, allowing the customer to go in different directions during the conversation, change information, and handle multiple requests in a single interaction. 

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Members can inquire about product offerings, branch/ATM locations, refinancing, credit cards, opening accounts and dozens of other subjects that would previously result in a call to the contact centre or branch visit. The technology results in over 85 per cent of customer inquiries being handled without waiting for a live agent.

“We’e beyond excited to be partnering with Landmark Credit Union,” said Jon Newhard, Clinc CEO. “We have been impressed with Landmark’s commitment to using technology to engage customers and provide superior service regardless of channel or time of day.”

“The use of Clinc’s AI technology is a great fit as we continue to enhance our member-facing technology capabilities both in-person and online,” said Brian Melter, Landmark’s Chief Experience Officer. “Clinc’s Virtual Banking Agent provides quick and immediate answers to common member questions 24/7.”