Local Cybersecurity Company To Strengthen Bahrain’s Security Posture


Bahrain’s growing IT and Tech industry makes way for Quantic Technologies, an IT company focused on delivering Cybersecurity services and Digital transformation solutions to secure and empower Bahraini organisations. 

The company aspires to reconstruct and strengthen an organisation’s security through various solutions, including SOC services, incident response, penetration testing, vulnerability management, security auditing, regulatory compliance, cybersecurity consultation, and digital transformation services. Given the short-time period of operations since Q1 2020, Quantic Technologies has already landed contracts in various sectors such as construction, tech, automobile, aviation, and F&B.

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“We aim to further educate the region on the basics of Cybersecurity and the potential threats that organizations may find themselves susceptible to. With the ongoing pandemic, it has become imperative for organizations to digitally transform themselves or be forgotten, we hope to further enable businesses with our security and technology. We are extremely grateful for all the trust our clients have given us that has allowed Quantic to grow,” said Ahmed Shukralla, Technical Lead at Quantic Technologies.

Though the fast-growing tech company is currently focused on improving the state of cybersecurity and businesses in general within Bahrain, they do plan on expanding to regional and international markets through global partnerships and affiliations. 

Quantic technologies is committed to hiring ambitious young talent who have a passion for security, penetration testing, and web development; A strategy to showcase that Bahraini talents and businesses are capable of competing with western giants in the industry. 

This year alone, they had been able to develop international partnerships with globally renowned companies such as the Kudelski Group Switzerland, a global leader in digital security and convergent media solutions, and ECSC Group UK, a  full-service cybersecurity information provider, specialising in 24x7secur ity breach detection and Artificial Intelligence (AI).