LogonBox Launches New Cloud Directory Appliance for SMBs


LogonBox, a provider of Identity Management and Authentication solutions, is excited to release LogonBox Directory, a Free Virtual Appliance that empowers SMBs to host an easy-to-use cloud directory.

Organisations have realised how bloated and cumbersome legacy directories like Active Directory are. With the recent pandemic, their inflexibility has become ever more apparent. There has also been a shift in user devices; Microsoft is no longer the dominant system with a rapid increase in Linux and Mac devices.

Against this backdrop, LogonBox is yet again ready to disrupt the status quo with its Free Directory Virtual Appliance – a lean user directory that can run on-premise as well as in the cloud.

The flexibility of an online directory means it is ideally suited to the new modern way of working. Users can authenticate securely into any device, Windows, Mac, Linux, and more with a single universal directory. In addition, with SAML, users can log in to web apps using the same directory, and legacy applications support is available through LDAP and RADIUS protocol servers.

Organisations no longer need to manage multiple systems or create duplicate identities for different devices. LogonBox Directory reduces user sprawl, increases security, and reduces attack vectors.

Unlike other solutions, LogonBox Directory is the first fully-featured and free user directory appliance. “Our solution finally makes online directories and multi-factor authentication accessible to everyone,” said Lee Painter, CEO at LogonBox. “Organisations of any size that want to replace their legacy directory should try it; they’ll be surprised by how powerful it is.”

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The LogonBox Directory provides a full range of features, including:

  • Complete user management – securely manage identities and provide frictionless access to IT resources.
  • Authenticate to any device – log in to Windows, Mac, Linux, and any system that supports LDAP and RADIUS.
  • Authenticate to any web app – access web apps using SAML or Browser Password Vault extension.
  • Adopt multi-factor authentication everywhere – increase security by extending multi-factor authentication to legacy applications.

In addition to its extensive feature set, LogonBox Directory can benefit an organization in several ways, including:

  • Reducing IT costs – as a free product, organizations benefit right away.
  • Streamlining IT – manage IT environments from a single view.
  • Increasing security – lockdown identities, control user access and enable MFA where possible.

With a growing demand for lightweight directories, the LogonBox team has developed an easy-to-use, free Directory product to assist as many organisations as possible.

LogonBox Directory is the perfect solution for anyone wanting a flexible user directory or organisations that want to replace existing legacy directories like Active Directory.