MBME Pay Provides Digital Solutions For Fee Payment In BRL Services


The Revenue Development Division in the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai has signed a strategic partnership with MBME Pay, to facilitate the payment of fees for business registration and licensing services for companies registered in Dubai in an easy, quick and convenient way as well as reduce the manual processing of transactions.

As per the agreement, customers can access the services of the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai, including fees associated with the issuance, renewal of licences, commercial permits and other related services through MBME Pay devices spread across the UAE, and pay using card or cash.

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“Our cooperation with MBME Pay is in line with strengthening the partnership with the private sector as well as our vision to help businesses expand their operations without the need for lengthy processes and procedures. This is a positive step in accelerating digital transformation and creating digital solutions and services for residents and business communities in Dubai. The MBME Pay platform will allow customers to digitally complete the payment of fees in a safe, quick and convenient way,” said Nasir Mohamed Al Mazam, director of Revenue Development Division in the Department of Economy and Tourism.

Abdelhadi Mohamed, CEO of MBME Pay, said “The MBME Pay story started with the vision of making life convenient: a nation-wide platform to make deposits, pay merchants and bills, donate to charity, facilitate the access to government services, and beyond. Our partnership with the Department of Economy and Tourism in Dubai is the perfect match. This partnership is an added channel to make the services and payments easier and available to the customers all over the emirate. We look forward to strengthening our partnership to continue this thrilling digitalisation journey for the purpose of making life convenient.”

The Business Registration and Licensing sector in the Department of Economy and Tourism aims to provide an attractive economic environment for businesses by developing its business registration and licensing services, which positively reflects on Dubai’s global competitiveness as the ideal destination for regional and global companies’ expansion and sustainability.

MBME Pay offers services to private, public and government entities and has developed more than 470 Application Programming Interfaces.