Me3 Prepares for a Wave of Consumers to Web3

Me3-Teams-up-with-Play3-and-EVOS-Esports-for-Gaming-Wallet (1)

Me3 has teamed up with Play3 and EVOS Esports to release their closed beta non-custodial wallet to the gaming community. The trio anticipate that blockchain-enabled gaming is the next viable step to expand mainstream adoption of the Web3 ecosystem.

Hong Loon Gan, the co-founder of Me3 said, “People realise that gaming may be the biggest real-world application for blockchain technology. Persistent worlds, item portability, and digital scarcity make a step change in the gaming environment and a consumer’s ability to be immersed in the games.”

Why gaming is a launching pad for blockchain adoption

Blockchain allows the application of decentralised technology into gaming to give players the opportunity to accumulate gaming tokens and NFTs and then trade those assets in marketplaces and crypto exchanges.

In recent years NFT and blockchain gaming has seen a boom of interest among players between 18-34 with total player growth of over 100 per cent YOY in 2021. At present around 18.9 per cent of online gamers have participated in an NFT game with a further 14.4 per cent planning to join. Even with such success, blockchain gaming is still a nascent industry with peak player counts at only 3-4 per cent of their traditional counterparts.

The stage is set for breakout success

With such huge potential, companies are getting serious about bringing users to blockchain games and an estimated 10B USD of investment will flow into the industry this year.

Me3 Co-founder Matthew Ainscow said,“Our strategy is simple. Be an enabler, by providing a set of tools that makes user acquisition simple for web 2.0 properties. Their users don’t have time to figure out cryptic concepts such as “wrapped ether” or “slippage” just to play a game. We simply take the friction and learning curve out of the equation.”

Me3’s gaming-optimised digital wallet makes new user on-boarding simple. The multi-chain wallet lets users purchase and exchange tokens and NFTs anywhere within the blockchain ecosystem without leaving the wallet. Future updates will release 3 click journeys for NFT Factories, NFT renting, scholarships, and custodial products as Me3 positions itself to be the all-in-one solution for new users and platforms.

Me3 is already in talks with major Web3 platforms such as METAone and GEMS, and their partnership with Play3 and EVOS Esports creates a formidable lineup. While still in their Pre-A series they have secured investment from Widus Partners, the Family office of the Prince of Brunei, BORA protocol by Kakao Games, Tokocrypto and several family offices across Southeast Asia.