Milton Security Announces The Launch Of Expert Services


Milton Security, a provider of Threat Hunting as a Service, XDR & MDR (MxDR) SOC Services, announced that it will be providing a new range of expert services to meet client demand for enhanced security capability. The move will greatly strengthen Milton Security’s ability to deliver great services to clients with a focus on current security capability, offensive security services, and executive security consulting.

This range of services provides an on-demand capability to improve and enhance security that complements and strengthens the already existing threat hunting, XDR & MDR services being provided on an ongoing, managed basis. Milton Security’s expert services will now include offensive security services, including penetration testing and application security testing, the current state of security, including regulatory frameworks and security controls assessments, and executive security services, including virtual CISO, program assessments, and security roadmaps.

‘Our clients have routinely asked for this sort of capability over the years. Not only that, our adversaries are continuously, and aggressively, growing their capabilities every day’, said James McMurry, Founder and CEO of Milton Security. ‘This new capability will enable us to support our customers in an ever-evolving manner to stay ahead of the threats they face. We are going to continue to make Milton Security the premier and trusted provider of Security Services, not just Threat Hunting, XDR and MDR Services.’

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By adding these expert services to Milton’s arsenal, customers will benefit from the broadened array of security — both offensive and defensive. Offensive measures, such as penetration testing and application security testing, will inform the defensive measures that need to be added or increased, creating a holistic approach to cybersecurity.

‘This move by Milton Security comes at a time when nation-state activity, ransomware attacks, and malware reports have increased more than 127 per cent’, said Eric Cowperthwaite, COO of Milton Security. ‘As always, this speaks volumes about our drive to enable our customers to improve their security and defend their data, intellectual property, systems, and people. This is a place that takes that mission seriously.’