MongoDB Atlas Serverless Instances And Data API Now Generally Available


MongoDB announced a daily usage-based discounting, an approach that is significantly different from other database providers

MongoDB announced that serverless instances for Atlas and Data API serverless instances are now generally available. The new managed serverless option introduces tiered pricing, with automatic discounts on daily usage. Serverless instances support scaling up and down to zero without any cold starts and customers choose the cloud provider (AWS, Google Cloud or Azure) and the region where the service should run. Atlas automatically scales the storage capacity, throughput, and computing power. The serverless instances always run the latest MongoDB version.

MongoDB highlights lightweight and infrequent application workloads, event-driven applications and periodic cron jobs among the recommended use cases for serverless instances. MongoDB announced a daily usage-based discounting, an approach that is significantly different from other database providers.

With this GA release, serverless instances will now offer additional features, such as private networking with AWS PrivateLink, enhanced monitoring and alerting capabilities, and extended backup retention with point-in-time recovery. Also, serverless instances are now compatible with our other serverless cloud services, such as the Atlas Data API and Atlas Functions, making building end-to-end serverless applications even more accessible.

To extend the capabilities of the serverless platform, Atlas offers a Data API supporting new authentication methods, including JWT authentication and email/password, role-based access control, IP access list and custom endpoints.

MongoDB is the only database provider that allows customers to run expressive queries, such as equality (available now in preview) and range, prefix, suffix, substring, and more (coming soon) on fully randomised encrypted data. This is a huge advantage for organisations that need to run expressive queries while securing their data.

Not all the capabilities and configurations supported by Atlas global clusters are currently available on serverless instances. Customers pay for Read Processing Unit (RPU), Write Processing Unit (WPU), storage and backup. The price for each million RPU decreases based on the volume of reads in a day, ranging from 0.09 USD to 0.22 USD.