MORAI To Unveil Cloud-Based Autonomous Driving Simulation Technology At CES 2022


MORAI unveiled MORAI SIM Cloud, a new SaaS model to increase efficiency through test automation features

MORAI announced that it will unveil MORAI SIM Cloud, which uses the cloud to build a myriad of simulation environments without hardware restrictions and enable simultaneous testing at CES 2022.

MORAI SIM Cloud is the Software as a Service (SaaS) model of the existing MORAI autonomous driving simulator, MORAI SIM, that will allow users to perform simulation tests in the cloud without the process of installing any software onto local computers.

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“Based on the cloud-based simulation technology we introduce at CES 2022, MORAI will actively expand domestic and global business opportunities. We will also leverage in-person engagement at this year’s CES as an opportunity to further foster global partnerships and actively engage in sharing autonomous driving simulation technologies,” said Jiwon Jung, CEO, MORAI.

The cloud-based method will play a key role in increasing test efficiency. It enables users to run many simulation tests requiring multiple computers to run, with a single computer simultaneously. MORAI SIM Cloud will also offer a test automation feature, which automatically distributes test cases in a cloud environment to perform tests and generate finalised results.