Nedaa, Nokia To Explore Innovative 5G Network Slicing For Smart City


Nedaa’s network already utilises Nokia’s infrastructure and can support many of the requirements for mission-critical networks

Nedaa, the security network provider of the Dubai government, and Nokia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) exploring opportunities to upgrade Nedaa’s telecommunications network across Radio Access Networks (RAN) and core by leveraging 5G technology with Nokia’s innovative technologies.

5G network with end-to-end slicing functionality will help Nedaa deliver improved public safety and smart city services to concerned organisations and citizens and lay the foundations for more advanced services such as metaverse.

Nedaa’s network already utilises Nokia’s infrastructure and can support many mission-critical network requirements. However, with the introduction of 5G, Nedaa will be able to support enhanced services for public safety and management of vital operations, such as immersive applications for first responders, connected and automated vehicles, video surveillance and remote control and manage thousands of connected devices, sensors and IoT applications.

The MoU sets a framework for upgrading the existing network capabilities and introducing agile and advanced services to government organisations based on secure and reliable networks. One of the key elements is 5G network slicing which will help Nedaa provide segment-related solutions for different industries, including oil and gas, transport and other government organisations. The MoU also lays the foundation for identifying the most appropriate 5G use cases for capturing new opportunities and monetisation.

Nokia will also carry out a technology competence development programme covering training and knowledge transfer to Nedaa employees. Nokia will expand its state-of-the-art Integrated Operations Center (IOC) as the integration and enablement layer for all 5G use cases, including Industry 4.0, smart city and public safety applications with a path to future services such as Metaverse and more.

Mansoor Bu Osaiba, Chief Executive Officer of Nedaa, said, “Nokia is a global technology leader and our long-standing and trusted partner. We are looking forward to leveraging Nokia’s proven 5G expertise to help us maximise the benefits of the technology upgradation and provide innovative services to our users. Our efforts to upgrade our networks to next-generation network capabilities paves the way for futuristic services such as metaverse.”

Kamal Ballout, Head of Enterprise, CHIMEA, at Nokia, said, “Security providers across the world are adopting 5G technology to improve their services. Network slicing is an exciting addition to the capabilities of 5G networks, enabling critical communication customers in different industry sectors to benefit from dedicated virtual network slices that enable secure, high-performance, private wireless connectivity. We are excited to continue our long-standing collaboration with Nedaa to help them leverage 5G technology for enhanced communication services and superior user experience.”