NLP Logix Partners With Databricks 


NLP Logix custom machine learning/artificial intelligence companies in the United States announced they have partnered with Databricks, the lakehouse company, to drive business value by unifying data and artificial intelligence (AI).

NLP Logix brings over a dozen years of experience in developing and deploying custom machine learning and business automation solutions across multiple industries, including defence, human resources, non-profit, financial services and others.

This announcement provides inherent value by Databricks offering the most technologically advanced data lakehouse platform, which unifies an organisation’s most valuable data assets: data, analytics and AI, into a single environment where the experienced data science team at NLP Logix can quickly develop and deploy machine learning models onto the Lakehouse Platform.

“We have seen the evolution from data warehouses in the 1990s to 2000s to Data Lakes in the 2000s, and we were able to develop and deploy machine learning and automation models for companies,” said Matt Berseth, Co-Founder and Chief Information Officer at NLP Logix. “But with the infrastructure of the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, we are able to do this at least twice as fast and thus at a reduced cost.”

The key to this acceleration in innovation is that Databricks’ Lakehouse Platform unifies data teams with an open, scalable environment for all of their data-driven use cases.  From streaming analytics and AI to business intelligence (BI), Databricks provides a modern lakehouse architecture that unifies data engineering, data science, machine learning and analytics within a single platform.

“At NLP Logix, we say that “Data Science is a Team Sport” and we have proven to be able to provide the most state-of-the-art machine learning/artificial intelligence solutions,” said Berseth. “The Databricks Lakehouse Platform provides the one-unified field that our team can compete with to step up our game to the next level.”