Introduces Flow Operations And Becomes No-Waste Enterprise,-a-New-Category-of-AI-Technology-To-End-Waste-in-Manufacturing-and-Supply-Chains introduced a new category of AI software for manufacturers called Flow Operations, or FlowOps, which enables a company to drive towards perfect operations flow and become a no-waste enterprise, for the first time. has spent five years of R&D and invested $110 million developing its portfolio of artificial intelligence software. Some $2 trillion is lost every year in the supply chain due to excess inventory, product defects and unplanned downtime, and 50 per cent of the world’s waste comes from industry.

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The importance of building highly functional, resilient supply chains is so critical that it triggered the Biden administration to sign an executive order addressing the problem, underscoring the urgency for predictive solutions to combat inefficiency on a global scale.

“81 per cent of supply chain leaders think AI is the most important technology for their future,” according to Gartner5. In addition, distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, Noha Tohamy recently stated, “AI impact on the supply chain is transformational. By augmenting the ability to synthesise data, identify patterns and arrive at conclusions, AI supports humans’ ability to analyse information and make data-based decisions. AI supports the vision for automation across the supply chain.”