Nuance Introduces Next-Gen Ambient AI Capabilities For Diagnostic Imaging


Nuance Communications, announced an expansion of its next-generation ambient AI capabilities for diagnostic imaging. The expanded capabilities will include enhanced AI-powered reporting features in the Nuance PowerScribe platform that will empower radiologists to create highly accurate reports in less time and with more clinically valuable structured data.

The need for innovation in radiology interpretation and reporting is pressing, with more than one-third of imaging professionals reporting burnout. According to US Census Data, in some states, the population of patients in need of imaging services outpaces available radiologists by more than 25 per cent. This is driving a greater supply and demand imbalance in the radiology workforce.

As an industry leader and pioneer in speech and language understanding for over 20 years, Nuance is tackling this challenge head-on. With the Nuance PowerScribe platform, radiologists can focus on image interpretation instead of the mechanics of report creation. In Nuance PowerScribe One today, Ambient Mode uses advanced AI running in the Microsoft Azure cloud to enable radiologists to dictate in an entirely free-form, unstructured, and narrative manner.

At the same time, ambient AI technologies create a fully structured report in the background. At the same time, ambient AI analyses the report text while it is dictated, looking for common errors and whether clinical guidelines apply to help the radiologist create higher quality reports. Later this year, ambient AI capabilities will also include advanced Auto Impression functionality that will automatically turn report findings into generated impression sections and follow-up recommendations, creating even more efficiencies for radiologists.

PowerScribe Ambient Mode uses the same breakthrough deep learning technology that powers the Nuance Dragon Ambient eXperience (DAX). This solution captures multi-party patient encounters and automatically creates clinical documentation, reducing administrative burdens on clinicians while simultaneously improving patient experience.

PowerScribe Ambient Mode delivers a high degree of AI accuracy because of Nuance’s decades of radiology reporting experience and its highly secure and trusted stewardship of radiology data spanning thousands of radiologists’ interpretation styles, enabling high performance and native integration into the PowerScribe workflow.

“Nuance’s PowerScribe reporting solution has been the trusted diagnostic reporting solution for over 80 per cent of all radiologists because of the AI-powered capabilities and benefits it delivers daily in a very demanding clinical environment,” said Peter Durlach, Chief Strategy Officer at Nuance Communications. “With Ambient Mode, Nuance is bringing the next level of advanced AI to radiology reporting so that radiologists can gain greater efficiencies from auto structuring and auto impression functionality.”

“Ensuring our radiologists have the best and most efficient diagnostic reporting system is critical to our organisation’s success and vital to patient care,” said Keith J. Dreyer, DO, PhD, Chief Data Science Officer, and Vice Chairman of Radiology at Mass General Brigham. “We have relied on PowerScribe for almost two decades because of the consistent, high-level support, performance, and AI capabilities that we have received from Nuance, and we are extremely excited to leverage the full array of ambient functionality, including auto impression generation, so we can accelerate care delivery and help combat radiologist burnout.”