Nutanix Empowers Channel Ecosystem To Drive Digital Transformation In KSA

Nutanix, a provider in hybrid multi-cloud computing, has reiterated its commitment to helping public sector organisations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia embrace the power of hybrid multi-cloud as part of their digital transformation initiatives.

The company is developing and empowering its channel ecosystem to become true ‘Champions of Nutanix’ and help government agencies sort through the complexities of cloud adoption and deliver the applications, networks, cloud services, storage solutions and other IT components they need.

Saeed Nader, Channel Sales Manager – Saudi Arabia Public Sector at Nutanix, says, “Nutanix as a company very much supports Vision 2030 that promotes digital transformation in the Kingdom. In the age of the hybrid workplace, cloud computing is a key pillar of any digital transformation strategy. As per the Saudi findings of the fourth Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Index, 81% of Saudi Arabian respondents agreed that multi-cloud was the ideal IT operating model as it enables them to strike a balance between cost, complexity, speed, and scale of operations and generate more revenue. However, fewer reported having deployed it as they face inter-cloud security, mobility, management, and skillset challenges as they embark on infrastructure change. This is true for both the public as well as the private sector.”

“As part of our efforts to support public sector organisations as they transition from legacy infrastructures to hybrid multi-cloud architectures, one of our key objectives is to create self-sufficiency and ‘channel autonomy’. Through this, our partners, focused on the public sector, act as a true extension of our company and can deliver our market-leading cloud solutions independently, with minimal involvement from our team. We believe that our channel ecosystem will play a pivotal role in the digital transformation of the public sector in the Kingdom in the years to come,” he says. 

With Nutanix, channel autonomy is achievable as the company’s technologies remove all the complexities and make it easy to design, rightsize, implement, configure and upgrade the solutions. As a result, a number of large channel organisations in Saudi that are primarily focused on the public sector have created specialist teams that are trained and certified on Nutanix technologies and are investing in building their capabilities in order to become self-sufficient. 

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform is the industry’s leading hyperconverged infrastructure solution that natively converges compute, virtualisation and storage into a resilient, software-defined solution with rich machine intelligence. Nutanix delivers cost savings and predictable scalability for even the most intensive workloads with a simple scale-out architecture. The advanced architecture of the Nutanix platform enables high availability across all system components to an unlimited number of simultaneous users. The modular building-block design of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform enables government agencies to start with small deployments and grow incrementally into very large installations. Nutanix reduces business disruption costs. Non-disruptive upgrades and all-inclusive software remove numerous points of failure, reducing the need for maintenance and the likelihood of outages.

Nutanix Prism is the ideal end-to-end consumer-grade management solution for the public sector bringing unprecedented simplicity by combining several aspects of administration and reporting. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Prism can mine large volumes of system data to automate common tasks and generate actionable insights for optimising virtualisation, infrastructure management and everyday operations.

Saeed explains the benefits of Nutanix: “Government agencies must maintain a delicate balance between budget restrictions and the growing demands for IT services. As a result, IT teams in the public sector are tasked with making difficult decisions to demonstrate financial responsibility while delivering all of the services the public needs. Government agencies need powerful, cost-effective IT solutions and the flexibility to easily and effectively scale their environments to accomplish their goals.” 

“Nutanix provides predictable economics and scalability benefits of web-scale IT to help public sector agencies deliver better services with their current budgets and IT teams. We have helped hundreds of government departments and agencies globally make the transition to an efficient and virtualised datacenter built on web-scale hyperconverged infrastructure,” he concludes.