Nuvve, 2021.AI To Increase AI Capabilities Of Nuvve’s V2G Platform


Nuvve Holding Corp, a global cleantech company, announced plans to form a joint venture with 2021.AI Aps (2021.AI) to integrate their artificial intelligence (AI) platform, Grace, to Nuvve’s GIVe (Grid Integrated Vehicle) V2G platform.

The joint venture – which will be named Astrea AITM – will leverage Nuvve’s extensive e-mobility and energy expertise and 2021.AI’s proven AI platform to broaden and optimise the services offered by Nuvve’s V2G technology.

2021.AI has developed a platform that handles the full life cycle of AI development and operation, including robust security, privacy, and governance features. The integration with Nuvve’s software will enable forecasting and optimisation models for the e-mobility and energy sectors through AI, deep learning, machine learning, and neural networks. This will allow Nuvve to provide robust, predictive analysis and energy insights to EV and utility customers.

“Partnering with 2021.AI to integrate AI will take our platform to the next level, offering even greater benefits to our customers and the electric grid as a whole,” said Gregory Poilasne, chairman and CEO of Nuvve.

An example use case to be developed by Astrea AITM is using predictive modelling to forecast a fleet driver’s behaviour and understand the particular level of energy needed for that driver’s EV to perform its daily driving duties. Nuvve’s system will provide various grid services for more extended periods and charge those forecasted amounts based on that highly accurate forecast. This will help improve the efficiency and performance of EV fleets while contributing even more services to the grid to increase capacity and resilience.

“2021.AI has been helping companies deliver real-time insights across industries and we are looking forward to expanding our work with Nuvve at this critical intersection of transportation and energy,” said Mikael Munck, CEO & Founder of 2021.AI. “This new partnership will allow us to work closely together to integrate the latest AI advancements into Nuvve’s proven platform.”

In addition to advanced fleet analytics, Astrea AITM will help Nuvve strengthen bidding strategies to take tariffs, volatility, and capacity needs on the grid side into account. This has immense potential benefits to the entire energy ecosystem, including municipalities, energy cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, transmission operators, and energy retailers, especially as more and more EVs are introduced to the grid, causing capacity strains.