OEM Controls Partners With HokuApps To Automate Fuel Consumption Tracking And Improve ROI 


For over 50 years, OEM Controls has been designing and manufacturing customised control products and data delivery solutions. Using state-of-the-art engineering expertise and proven field-tested components, OEM offers a plethora of products that can meet the specifications and demands of both OEM’s and end-users across a wide range of off-highway industries. 

Recently, the OEM Data Delivery Division has developed its revolutionary Bluetooth Pump Tracker. They have continued to expand their Bluetooth tracker and sensor devices with Bluetooth fuel tracking.  Their vision was to enable their customers to know everything regarding their equipment and employees with ease and simplicity while improving ROI and optimising performance. 

To close the loop and capture the fuel data, they partnered with HokuApps, a global player in next-generation digital transformation services, to develop an IoT-based mobility solution to turn their vision into reality.

The DD Fuel App developed by HokuApps is available for both Android and iOS. It powers OEM’s Bluetooth Pump Tracker devices and allows their off-highway customers to easily manage their equipment. They can capture dozens or even hundreds of assets quickly, effortlessly, and accurately by tracking every data point related to vehicle refuelings such as pump ID, dispensing personnel, vehicle ID, hours, and more. 

The volume of the fuel dispensed, location, date, and time stamp are all tracked and stored for the fuel transactions done from the app. Any offline transactions done outside the app can also be synced to the server. Operators can Sync Fuel Logs from the Fuel Systems that are Online and in range. Broadcasted fuel log data packets are extracted, read, parsed, and then sent to the server to ensure that no Fuel Transactions are ever lost. With the Bluetooth Fuel Tracker mounted on a fuel pump, any mobile device is easily turned into a paperless and wireless fuel transaction capture tool. 

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It provides 100 per cent accuracy while also helping to reduce manual on-site hardcopy data collection and transcription – a great advantage in working with Covid-19 safety guidelines. Integrating seamlessly with the Internet of Things, all data is securely transmitted to the cloud where it can be accessed by the company through multiple platforms.

“HokuApps has developed a robust and reliable program to capture fueling activity along with equipment hours and sensor data from OEM Data Delivery’s Bluetooth Pump Trackers and BT Trackers on any mobile smartphone or tablet,” said Sam Simons, President at OEM Controls. “Smooth flow and simple operation mean our customers can effortlessly capture key equipment data to boost their ROI, optimise performance, track fuel consumption, and determine service status.”

“It’s been a pleasure working with OEM Controls and their Data Delivery Division,” said Nand Kapoor, Director of HokuApps. “We’re proud to be a part of their innovative industrial products which are giving companies the power of comprehensive data collection so they may analyse all aspects of their equipment and employee performance with ease and simplicity.”