One Identity Enhances Unified Identity Security Platform With CIEM


One Identity, a leader in unified identity security, announced the availability of One Identity Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM), enabling businesses to support governance and privileged access for cloud infrastructure objects.

This innovation, along with other new releases such as its Application Governance module and a new connector to Microsoft Teams, all underpin One Identity’s cloud-first Unified Identity Security Platform and allow customers to take yet another step forward in holistically addressing identity security.

Digital acceleration and the move to the cloud has resulted in a significant increase in digital identities on a global scale and, therefore, an increased attack surface. According to Gartner, 75 per cent of security failures result from inadequate management of identities, access and privileges in 2023. CIEM is the emerging standard for managing access and enforcing the least privilege in cloud infrastructure.

One Identity addresses CIEM at the intersection of IGA and PAM. It leverages existing IGA capabilities to enhance the capabilities of governance for cloud platform authorisations and visibility on infrastructure objects. The offering also taps into existing PAM capabilities, further enhancing the ability to secure, control, monitor, analyse and govern privileged access across multiple environments and platforms. The result is a solution that allows organisations to extend the governance principle to cloud infrastructure objects and manage privilege access to cloud objects.

One Identity’s CIEM solution is offered to all customers as a cloud-first, SaaS connector that helps businesses centralise visibility and detect and respond to anomalies. The offering ensures businesses have the right size permissions for their workforce and ultimately improve their cybersecurity posture.

In addition, digital acceleration has resulted in a significant increase in the frequency of organisations onboarding applications. This application explosion has resulted in a strong customer need for innovative governance solutions that simplify secure application access and automate and decentralise application adoption. One Identity’s Application Governance module helps organisations create or update new services, manage applications, and provide a common framework for user entitlements and roles. This module enables businesses to manage the entire application lifecycle, thus decreasing the load on existing IT resources and enhancing overall security by streamlining manual processes.

Collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams have also seen a boom in the digital acceleration era. The worldwide pandemic has elevated Microsoft teams to a mission-critical level for most enterprises, which means extending a unified approach to identity to Teams. With One Identity Microsoft Teams connector, businesses can take advantage of enhanced controls such as executing Create, Read, Update and Delete (CRUD) operations on Teams and channels, managing the owners of Teams, and creating business processes to improve control and oversight.

“Businesses today are looking for a one-stop solution for protecting the massive number of identities they are dealing with, as bad actors continue to exploit the gaps created by a fragmented approach to identity security,” said Rima Pawar Vice President of Product Management at One Identity. “One Identity is constantly looking for opportunities to innovate and deliver solutions that are built for the cloud, with a keen focus on helping organisations shift from a fragmented to a holistic strategy for managing access rights. These new CIEM, Application Governance and Teams modules not only strengthen our Unified Identity Security Platform, but they also deliver greater aggregate value to our customers than the sum of its parts.”