OpenOcean Releases Web3 Cross-chain Swap Aggregation

OpenOcean releases Web3 cross-chain swap aggregation

OpenOcean is the leading DEX Aggregator in decentralised space. OpenOcean sources liquidity for trades and automatically routes users to the best trade with the lowest slippage and best overall return. OpenOcean is proud to support over 18+ blockchains and over 200 Decentralised exchanges.

OpenOcean, the Web3 decentralised exchange aggregator, announces the launch of its new interoperable all-in-one cross-chain swap platform. This new platform will allow users to swap and bridge assets across major networks, Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Avalanche and Fantom, with the best final price.

OpenOcean has integrated two major bridges, Celer IM Bridge and the Multichain bridge, to provide users with the most competitive rates across all the supported chains. With the addition of the OpenOcean routing algorithm and bridging support from partners, the platform will offer the best cross-chain swap returns based on multiple calculations, including pricing structure, gas fees, slippage, and different optimised trade routes.

The cross-chain swap mechanism implemented by OpenOcean features a vastly improved algorithm and the deepest liquidity sources in the market. This gives the platform a competitive edge over other DEX aggregators, especially since the introduction of OpenOceans ‘one-click cross-chain swap function.

OpenOcean supports 1100+ coins across supported chains, allowing users to trade any whitelisted tokens from any supported source chain to any tokens on the destination chain. OpenOcean provides an immediate whole cross-chain swap process for users without any delays in price quotes & routing quotes, this saves time and fees by avoiding interaction with unnecessary protocols and helps keep users’ assets safe and secure.

The advanced semi-atomic nature of OpenOcean’s cross-chain model ensures that transactions are not interrupted and users’ funds will not get lost due to any unexpected errors. OpenOcean is actively working with its extended network of partners to grow its bridge integrations and offer users more choices.

The OpenOcean team believes that our new features will satisfy decentralised users’ need for easier access to all the liquidity and tokens that are available cross-chain. With OpenOcean, users can always benefit from the most chains in one place with simplicity and security in mind.