Ottobot Yeti Ready For Deliveries For Retailers And Ecommerce


With Exponential Momentum in 2022, Ottobot Now Facilitates Unattended Autonomous Deliveries for First Mile, Last Mile and Curbside Deliveries with the Ottobot Yeti

Ottonomy.IO is exhibiting the Ottobot Yeti, the first autonomous delivery robot capable of unattended deliveries, at NRF 2023, retail’s big show, at the Javitz Centre in New York. Ideal for first mile, last mile deliveries and locker integration, Ottobot Yeti enables completely unattended deliveries as the next pioneering step in autonomous deliveries for companies.

According to Technavio’s Autonomous Delivery Market Report, The autonomous delivery robots market size is estimated to grow by $24.78 billion from 2021 to 2026. Autonomous delivery robots provide restaurants, retailers, ecommerce & logistic companies with an efficient and scalable delivery solution. Ottonomy.IO has created a viable robot-as-a-service offering that enhances efficiency and addresses gaps in parts of the supply chain for last-mile delivery.

Ottobot Yeti, the latest generation model of Ottobot, is designed specifically for facilitating unmanned deliveries. Ottobot Yeti includes an automated sliding delivery hatch that opens to deliver items without the need for human assistance. Ideal for the retail, ecommerce and logistics industry, Ottobot’s new Yeti design allows a completely unattended touch-free delivery process.

“Over a short period of time, we were able to convert feedback from multiple pilots to develop an enhanced model of the Ottobot, which will facilitate improved accessibility and efficiency for robotic deliveries,” says Ritukar Vijay, CEO and co-founder of Ottonomy.IO. “This is especially critical for retail and ecommerce industries where there is an urgent need for the option of a completely unmanned delivery process. This also opens the door to facilitate ecommerce returns.”

Ottobot is the only autonomous robot capable of making multiple deliveries in a single trip. Its four-drive wheel and four-steering wheels enable a zero radius turn and crab movement to navigate in tight and crowded spaces. Paving the way for next-generation supply chain delivery logistics, Ottonomy.IO has established a robot–as-a-service model in order to provide sustainable solutions for automating deliveries for multiple use cases at scale.