Powow AI selected into Google Voice AI Startup Accelerator

Powow AI selected into Google Voice AI Startup Accelerator

Powow AI is the only Operations and Technology focused meetings insight company in Google’s prestigious program for startups

Powow AI has been selected to participate in Google’s prestigious Voice AI Startup Accelerator program. Powow AI’s SaaS platform unleashes the power of AI in business meetings for the enterprise. Powow uses proprietary AI algorithms to analyze meetings and provides actionable context-sensitive insights into its app and downstream systems.

Google is a world leader in machine learning and AI technologies. Google will provide Powow AI access to programs and products, as well as its people and technology.

Powow AI provides meeting insights across all leading platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex, and Google Meet. Customers will benefit from a better experience with Powow AI’s enhanced access to Google’s technology capabilities, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Powow AI offers a next-generation UI for meeting discovery and an unprecedented array of features for the Operations and Technology organization, including:

  • For the meeting participant, the ability to quickly recall past meetings, focus on crucial meeting insights, add notes to meetings to create dialogue
  • For the leader, provide meeting minutes that reflect your priorities and objectives. Write your meeting minutes, let Powow generate them automatically, or both
  • For the manager, use a multi-meeting view to expand the span of control. Quickly review daily meetings to focus on critical points using sentiment and drill-down to gain context
  • For the enterprise, enable unprecedented transparency and traceability while ensuring content security and content-aware access controls.

“Powow AI helps companies bring data and insights into every enterprise meeting, thus enabling rich, rapidly accessible information for post-meeting review. Creating an enterprise ‘meeting memory’ that provides analytics and trends on necessary items like sentiment, engagement and other predictive insights that are crucial for business leaders to understand for enhanced productivity and performance,” said Gil Makleff, CEO, Powow AI. “We are honoured to be chosen into this prestigious program with Google.”