Prime Focus Technologies launches CLEAR AI Reframe


Game-changing AI modules that will revolutionise Social Media content creation will be showcased at NAB 2023

Prime Focus Technologies (PFT), the creator of AI-powered technology solutions for the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry, is excited to showcase two AI modules designed to enable businesses to create social content more efficiently, increase engagement, and ultimately drive growth: CLEAR AI Reframe and CLEAR AI Discover.  

CLEAR AI Reframe eliminates the time-consuming process of resising videos for different social media apps. This innovative module enables companies to convert horizontal videos automatically and accurately into square and vertical formats, saving time. With CLEAR AI Reframe, you can effortlessly generate compelling content variants for social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube, significantly reducing your lead time and unlocking revenue opportunities. 

Chat GPT enhances CLEAR AI Discover and serves as a co-pilot for social media content creators. It uses CLEAR AI to gather information across your content, harnesses the power of PFT’s patented Machine Wisdom that puts content in context for better quality data, and leverages Chat GPT to come up with unprecedented creative possibilities. Put CLEAR AI Discover to work, unleash creativity, and unlock productivity! ‘Create,’ ‘curate,’ and ‘connect with your audience’ like never before on social media.

“Social media is no longer used for promotional purposes alone; it is fast becoming a key revenue generator for enterprises,” said Murali Sridhar, Senior Vice President and Global Head of Product Management. “Our customers now needn’t, by default, fit a horizontal video into a vertical frame or spend manual effort resizing it. Instead, they can let CLEAR AI help them create compelling content and let Reframe transform it natively before publishing it.”