PROVEN Solution to Reshape AR Landscape

PROVEN Solution to Reshape AR Landscape

PROVEN Solution, with its AR offerings, will primarily focus on education, healthcare, and training sectors in the GCC

PROVEN Solution, a leading enterprise focused on innovative technological solutions in AI, robotics, and AR/VR, has announced its plans to strengthen its Augmented Reality (AR) offerings, demonstrating ongoing advancements and technological breakthroughs.

Pavel Makarevich, VP of PROVEN Solution, said, “AR represents an unprecedented opportunity for us and our strategy involves a dual approach. We are committed to developing our proprietary AR products while tailoring customised applications for our clientele. We envision a landscape where a fusion of virtual and physical elements enhances knowledge acquisition and provides a hands-on, interactive experience across diverse sectors such as education, healthcare, and training.”

“Healthcare, education, and training are our primary domains. We foresee synergistic integration between technology and our expertise in these sectors, empowering our clients with immersive AR experiences,” added Pavel.

Acknowledging the investment required for AR development, PROVEN Solution emphasises the expertise it has gained from existing VR ventures, streamlining technical knowledge. While hardware costs for AR remain relatively high, the company foresees a progressive decline as the technology matures in the coming years.