Red Sift, OpSec Security Team Up For Innovative Solutions In Domain And Email Security


New Technology and Solution Alliance to Provide Customers with Advanced Security Options

Red Sift, a provider of vital cybersecurity products, and OpSec Security, a provider of integrated online protection and on-product authentication solutions for brands and governments, have formed a new partnership to deliver integrated domain and email security protections.

Under the partnership, customers benefit from an integrated solution of Red Sift’s Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) technology and OpSec’s industry-leading monitoring and takedown capabilities. Combined corporate protections include rapid identification and remediation of cybersecurity attacks, from employee spear phishing to the external use of customers’ brands for phishing attacks.

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The Red Sift purpose-built suite of cybersecurity solutions blocks outbound phishing attacks, analyses inbound communication security for company-wide email threats, and monitors and safeguards valuable customer data.

OpSec Security, as the global leader in brand integrity, with top-tier authentication solutions, secure enough for stringent government and high-security requirements, delivers an extensive protection model including threat intelligence for proactive employee and consumer protection and an always-on, dedicated global SOC team. OpSec and Red Sift clients can be confident in swift remedial action against the full range of external cyber-attacks targeting our joint customers’ brands, employees and customers.

Red Sift leads the way in BIMI deployments with a fully-integrated product and service offering for BIMI with VMC. Brands can manage their logo and obtain VMCs from Entrust through the Red Sift OnDMARC interface and get their emails DMARC-secured more quickly. Red Sift’s growth reflects the extremely high market demand for these products and demonstrates recognition of the company’s ability to build and deliver a world-class cybersecurity solution suite.