Resecurity Debuts Cyber Threat Intelligence Solutions

Resecurity recently debuted its innovative cyber threat intelligence platform designed to streamline threat detection and response at the 2022 MILIPOL Qatar conference. 

Qatar is known for its cybersecurity commitment and expertise, with the country being named the most secure county in the MENA region in the 2020 Global Peace Index. As a result of their investment and focus on cybersecurity, Qatar’s cybersecurity market is expected to reach $1.64 million in 2026. 

“The threatscape and adversarial tactics nations face are constantly changing, making investing in the latest technology and intelligence platforms essential for countries to secure their IT ecosystems. Resecurity is proud to have participated at MILIPOL Qatar at this critical time of rapid digital transformation in the Middle East. We look forward to providing more homeland security forces with the real-time, contextualised threat intelligence they need to counter adversaries and reduce security gaps leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and actionable Big Data to make strategic decisions,” said Gene Yoo, CEO, Resecurity.

Resecurity showcased how its risk management and security capabilities enable homeland security, civil defence, and law enforcement to better detect, mitigate and respond to technology and geographical risks within an organisation’s security ecosystem. Resecurity’s cyber threat intelligence platform pairs actionable threat intelligence with a comprehensive look across the threat landscape for organisations, allowing administrators to quickly see in-depth analysis and specific artefacts obtained through the dark web, botnets activity, network intelligence and high-quality threat intelligence data.

Qatar is actively preparing to host the upcoming World Cup 2022, where cyber threat intelligence will act as a critical component of national security to prevent and mitigate potential risks targeting visitors, organisers, and the IT supply chain. Just recently, Qatar launched a specialised “Last Mile” conference welcoming security representatives of each qualified nation and other relevant organisations like Interpol, the United Nations and the FIFA’s Safety and Security Operations Committee to discuss the latest preparations for the event from a security and coordination perspective.

Resecurity’s exhibition at MILIPOL supported its ongoing expansion throughout the Middle East, including partnerships in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon and their recently announced AI research and development centre in Riyadh.