RiverMeadow Announces VM-Based Migration Capability To Public Cloud

RiverMeadow Software has added new capability to its market-leading Cloud Migration Platform to allow customers the option to carry out VM-based or OS-based migrations to any cloud.

This makes RiverMeadow the only Multi-Cloud Migration Platform in the market to offer customers the choice of how they migrate to Public Clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP) or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

“RiverMeadow is focused on delivering the most flexible Migration Platform in the market”, states Jim Jordan, President and CEO of RiverMeadow. “We offer flexibility in terms of how you deploy, flexibility in terms of which cloud you’re going to, and now flexibility in terms of how you migrate – by VM or by OS. By leveraging our Migration Platform in this way, RiverMeadow is uniquely positioned to address the vast majority of diverse use cases, making cloud adoption faster and more cost-effective.”

Key benefits of RiverMeadow’s Multi-Cloud Migration Platform include:

Flexibility of Migration 
– Migrate by VM – ideal for Lift and Shift; minimal impact to resourcing and minimal organisation change

– Migrate by OS – ideal for OS modernization as part of the migration; rightsizing; support for nonstandard and deprecated hypervisors

Migrate to any Target – Supports VMware on any public cloud and native IaaS on Azure, AWS and GCP

Cloud Mobility – Supports migration off of public cloud and onto private or on prem or migrate between any public cloud with ease

Ease of Deployment – The Platform set can be instantiated and ready for migration inside an hour

Flexibility of Deployment – SaaS or local deployment (in choice of public cloud hypervisor or on premise)

Speed of Migrations – Designed with the principles of speed and accuracy of migrations

OS Modernisation – Retire legacy Operating Systems as you migrate; the only automated modernization technology endorsed by Microsoft for Windows OS upgrades

Multi-Cloud – Single Pane of Glass to handle all migration efforts to any private or public cloud

Data Only Migration – Decouples data from the OS

VDI Migration

– Full Migration (OS + Apps + Data)

– User Profile Migration (Physical endpoint / VDI -> VDI PaaS)

Integrated Disaster Recovery – Migrate and Protect workloads

“We are committed to delivering greater value to our customers,” explains Greg Dennis, Chief Technology Officer at RiverMeadow. “The added flexibility to offer both VM-based and OS-based migrations from ANY source to any public or private cloud with zero impact to the source environment shows the extent to which we are further differentiating ourselves as an industry leader in the cloud migration market.”