SaaS Maker 3 Paves Way For New Era Of Software Innovation

SaaS Maker 3 Paves Way For New Era Of Software Innovation

SaaS Maker, Inc. announces the availability of SaaS Maker 3, a long-awaited low-code platform for innovating and launching software as a service businesses.

With Gartner projecting SaaS revenues of $208 billion by 2023, the future opportunities for SaaS startups appear abundant – however, until recently, the sector has been largely reserved for venture-backed elites and large businesses due to the high costs of developing complex software. The new release opens doors for the masses of developers who want to launch SaaS businesses or MVPs but lack access to venture funding networks historically associated with US technology hubs.

With SaaS Maker, developers use low-code tools to launch revenue-generating SaaS applications quickly for any industry. The new release supports distributed development teams, revenue tracking, and mobile responsive applications. Advanced developers can use the platform’s API to integrate and extend their SaaS apps with advanced capabilities like AI, IoT and other cloud services. SaaS Maker manages “as a service” complexities – like provisioning, multi-tenancy, and role-based security – that typically require months of risky software programming.

Reshaping the Rules for SaaS Entrepreneurship

The creators aspire to spark a revolution of new startups that bring SaaS businesses to market at speeds never imaginable, reshaping the worldwide SaaS market and disrupting the traditional Silicon Valley startup model. In addition to the global community of startups, the creators stress the major significance of traditional software companies seeking to innovate faster and outpace their competitors.

Publish SaaS for Sales with No Store Required

“With SaaS Maker, a student in West Virginia or entrepreneur in India can build a SaaS business that competes head-to-head with a billion-dollar software company! We hope to attract a new wave of entrepreneurs launching thousands of new SaaS startups, serving users for every industry,” explains Cary Landis, SaaS Maker’s CEO. SaaS Maker is best suited for building B2B SaaS applications.

What’s Next

The demand for B2B SaaS applications is accelerating alongside the rapid trends toward working from home. This release comes during a pivotal time as traditional software companies are increasingly pressured to innovate faster, and as entrepreneurship is rising. Despite the technical possibilities, Landis says that the company’s greatest inspiration is more personal – “I can’t think of a greater inspiration than helping people pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.”