Sabre Completes Migration to Google Cloud

Sabre completes migration to Google Cloud, closes 17 data centres

Sabre has completed its migration to Google Cloud, closes 17 data centres for enhanced operational performance.

Travel technology company Sabre has completed its data centre migration to Google Cloud, moving almost 90 percent of its workloads to the Google service.

Sabre chief information officer Joe DiFonzo, said, “Over the course of this effort, we’ve closed 17 data centres and moved more than 40,000 servers, 400,000 CPUs, and 50 petabytes of storage into the cloud.”

“We’ve integrated over a dozen analytics platforms into Google BigQuery, created over 50,000 containers in Google Kubernetes Engine, and created dozens of new intelligent services using Google Vertex AI. Our developers are now moving at cloud speed, and our operational performance, stability, and security are better than ever,” Joe added.