SafeBreach Cybersecurity Platform Joins Deloitte’s Portfolio of Cyber Alliances


SafeBreach, provider of the leading continuous security validation platform in large and global-scale enterprises to validate security controls, announced a new strategic alliance with Deloitte, a leader in security consulting services. To enhance its adversarial simulation services, Deloitte clients will be able to leverage SafeBreach’s automated Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) capabilities via its platform. With SafeBreach technology, Deloitte clients will be able to enhance data-driven insights to help understand potential weaknesses, increase security control effectiveness, and prioritise remediation activities aimed to reduce the attack surface and ultimately improve security posture.

The number and complexity of cyber threats grow constantly, making maintaining a strong security posture with manual assessments or even semi-automated penetration testing a challenge. At the same time, regulations pertaining to organisations’ cyber and data protection capabilities are evolving and proliferating. To more effectively integrate, orchestrate, and utilize their existing security controls, many security operations teams are turning to tech enablers, such as SafeBreach’s BAS.

Unlike “point-in-time” cyber security assessments, SafeBreach enables continuous security control validation in production environments to provide an ongoing and accurate assessment of which tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) pose the greatest risk to an organization. Further, SafeBreach will provide Deloitte clients’ security operations teams and DevSecOps practitioners with custom, automated, and continuous BAS services and remediation guidance to help improve security posture. With step-by-step remediation instructions and an array of technology integrations – including vulnerability management, threat intelligence platforms, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) platforms, Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platforms and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) platforms – SafeBreach BAS can complement and act as a force multiplier for labor-intensive, costly, and manual testing efforts such as penetration testing and red-blue teaming.

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“Shifting from a point-in-time, compliance-based cyber approach to continuous monitoring of program effectiveness enables organisations and their security teams to enhance situational awareness of potential weaknesses and prioritize remediation actions that can help reduce risk,” says Andrew Rafla, Deloitte Risk & Financial Advisory’s Zero Trust leader and a principal in Cyber and Strategic Risk, Deloitte & Touche LLP. “Through our strategic relationship, SafeBreach will join Deloitte’s portfolio of alliances that facilitate our delivery of tech-enabled, outcome-driven solutions that can help enhance our clients’ abilities to detect and respond to cyber risks.”

“For businesses, guarding their IT systems and reducing risks has become a top priority in the C-Suite. With this alliance, we can provide a powerful combination of advanced, continuous security validation to understand complex cyber risk with the vast human intelligence and experience that Deloitte brings to the table. Combined, we hope to help quantify and improve security posture for organizations in any sector,” says Guy Bejerano, CEO and Co-Founder of SafeBreach.

SafeBreach’s continuous security validation platform — including its Hacker’s Playbook collection of breach and attack methods, as well as near-real-time prioritization and remediation intelligence for BAS testing — is immediately available to Deloitte clients via multiple engagement models