Sahab Smart Solutions, Software AG To Advance Digital Solutions In The UAE

Sahab Smart Solutions

Sahab Smart Solutions, operating under the Sharjah Asset Management, has inked a strategic partnership with Software AG, to boost UAE’s digital initiatives.

Under this strategic partnership, Sahab will continue to power entities to capitalise on the power of data and the digital experience via Software AG’s Integration and Business & IT Transformation technologies and its industry leading IoT platform.

“Our mission has always focused on exploring, sourcing, customising and implementing leading digital solutions. The challenges entities face on their digital transformation journeys are often large and complex, and when combined with the fragmentation common in the IoT space, they can be extremely difficult to overcome.”

He added: “Combining Software AG’s deep-rooted experience in Integration, Business and IoT technologies and Sahab’s expertise as a digital transformation systems integrator, will provide a seamless connectivity fabric for UAE’s digital transformation journey. Our goal is to eliminate the enormous burden of sourcing, developing and integrating a variety of technologies faced by entities and offer cost effective means to manage IoT solutions.”

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Rami Kichli, Vice President, Gulf and Levant, Software AG said: “We’re pleased to embark on this journey that will empower the UAE to deliver cutting edge government services to citizens, residents and visitors. UAE’s rapid innovation initiatives, streamlined across various emirates across the nation, through the adoption of advanced technologies are aligned with the country’s national goals of embracing the future and emerging as a world-class city along with the other emirates for a unified UAE vision.”

“Integration and Business & IT transformation is key to organisations that accelerate innovation and embrace emerging technology trends to build cities of the future. We’re certain that these solutions will act as a robust platform to deliver a 100% digitized system and seamless experiences ahead,” added Kichli.

Software AG’s Integration and Business & IT Transformation (BITT) platforms via ARIS, Alfabet and webMethods will be leveraged via this association and Cumulocity IoT will be applied to boost IoT uptake and implementation across UAE in addition to other solutions that will be implemented to drive UAE’s digital agenda.

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