Samsung Integrates AI Features Into Its S24 Series

Samsung Integrates AI Features Into Its S24 Series

The latest features by Samsung  will onboard AI that can now transcribe speech into text in real-time.

Samsung Electronics China and Baidu AI Cloud have announced a strategic partnership on AI ecosystems. The companies will be co-creating an AI experience for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, utilising the advanced AI capabilities of Baidu’s ERNIE foundation model.

The deep integration of ERNIE into Galaxy AI, Samsung’s latest mobile AI product, equips the S24 series with enhanced functionalities including intelligent summarisation, advanced typesetting, and real-time call translation.

ERNIE’s understanding and generation capabilities are similar to the capabilities of the Gemini Pro. The upgraded Samsung Note Assistant can translate content and also summarise lengthy content into clear, intelligently organised formats at the click of a button, streamlining the organisation of extensive text.

This includes the S24 series’ onboard AI that can now transcribe speech into text in real-time, differentiate between speakers, and support multi-language translation and meeting minutes generation. It enhances efficiency in cross-language communication and office work.

The innovative “Circle to Search” feature in the S24 series, which was pioneered by Google, is also available with Baidu. The feature allows users to perform intuitive searches on texts, images, or videos through simple hand gestures, providing quick and precise results from Baidu Search.

Chen Yifan, vice president of Baidu, stated that the applications of the ERNIE bot will become increasingly rich and diverse in the future. With its profound capability to process multimodal data such as text, images, audio and video, and its precise ability to tap into the personalised needs of users, ERNIE is poised to develop a range of AI products that resonate with individual user needs.

In October of last year, Baidu launched ERNIE 4.0, the company’s most advanced and powerful foundation model to date, significantly boosting core AI capabilities in understanding, generation, reasoning, and memory. ERNIE Bot has garnered over 100 million users. Baidu AI Cloud also streamlines AI-native application development with its ModelBuilder and AppBuilder, offering tools for easy customisation of fine-tuned models and lowering development barriers.