KSA Eyes Increased Investments In Emerging Tech In 2022 And Beyond


Saudi Arabia will prioritise emerging technologies such as AI and machine learning, the Internet of Things and the cloud among others

Saudi Arabia announced that the top three priority areas for Saudi government organisations’ digital investment in 2022 and beyond would be 67 per cent said human capital management, 61 per cent said enterprise resource planning, 56 per cent said core solutions, 41 per cent said customer experience, 41 per cent said predictive analytics, and 34 per cent said procurement.

With emerging technologies continuing to develop and mature, many of the Kingdom’s government and public sector organisations are at the forefront of adopting innovative solutions.

“The Kingdom’s National Strategy for Data and AI is already seeing a ripple effect, with 77 per cent of government IT decision-makers prioritising artificial intelligence and machine learning for the next year to optimise operations, talent development, and citizen experiences. As Saudi Arabia begins to emerge from the pandemic, the Kingdom is playing an important role in creating a platform for diversified entrepreneurship in emerging sectors. With SAP’s knowledge exchange programs, the youth skills and talent are constantly developing, creating a new generation of leaders,” said Ahmed Al-Faifi, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Middle East North, SAP.

The government firms in Saudi Arabia will prioritise artificial intelligence and machine learning (77 per cent), the Internet of Things (65 per cent), cloud (51 per cent), predictive analytics (38 per cent), robotic process automation (36 per cent), and blockchain (35 per cent) in 2022 and beyond.