Sectra Speeds Up Clinical Use Of AI


International medical imaging IT and cybersecurity company Sectra expands its AI marketplace with digital pathology. In addition to radiology, customers can now see AI applications for digital pathology that can be integrated into existing diagnostic workflows to assist pathologists with an accurate diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancers.

“Adopting AI into clinical practice can improve performance and quality in digital pathology workflows, creating an impact for pathologists in their daily work. With AI-powered workflows in digital pathology, pathologists can focus on the challenging tasks, and let AI take care of those that require more labour. A key to achieving this is to ensure that the AI applications can be seamlessly integrated into the existing workflow,” says Elin Kindberg, Global Product Manager Digital Pathology at Sectra.

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The AI marketplace, Sectra Amplifier Marketplace, aims to accelerate the adoption of AI into clinical practice. The AI applications available in the store can be integrated with Sectra’s enterprise imaging solution, providing the potential for greater workflow efficiency and value for the end-users. 

“Sectra has a long tradition of providing customers with solutions that result in more effective patient care. The goal is the same with AI. Our approach is to give healthcare providers the freedom of choice when purchasing applications, avoiding vendor lock-in, minimising operational tasks, and selecting the applications that fit best for their organisation’s needs. With our joint marketplace for digital pathology and radiology and the ambition to add other areas in the future, we are at the forefront of making AI available in healthcare,” says Nynke Breimer, Global Product Manager Radiology AI and Amplifier Marketplace at Sectra