Snap Launches Augmented Reality Shopping And Flying Camera


Snap will roll out new features to make it easier for brands to create augmented reality shopping experiences on its Snapchat app as well as a flying camera, the company said at its annual presentation to showcase new technology.

The company announced the pocket-sized camera called Pixy, which can fly a few feet above its owner to take photos and videos before landing in the palm of the hand, in a renewed push to grow its hardware business. Pixy will cost $230, Snap said.

“We believe there’s a tremendous amount of opportunity to build tools that are connected to what we see in front of us. The company will also be rolling out a new feature called “Dress Up” on Snapchat,  in which users can browse AR shopping filters that let them virtually try on clothing and accessories,” said Bobby Murphy, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Snap

The theme for Snap’s Partner Summit was “Back to Reality,” reflecting the company’s focus over the past few years on augmented reality (AR), a type of technology that enhances photos, videos, or the real world’s experience with computerised images.