Sonasoft Announces New AI Engine SAIBRE


Sonasoft Corp launched its new AI engine, SAIBRE, completely replacing the previous AI platform, NuGene. SAIBRE leverages Sonasoft’s patent-pending AI technology to provide end-to-end AI solutions for any company.

The name SAIBRE stands for Sonasoft AI Bot Runtime Engine. SAIBRE is a complete AI platform capable of creating, running, monitoring, and maintaining AI bots. It has been designed from the ground up to solve the issues found in the previous NuGene platform. ‘SAIBRE is going to transform how we work with customers’, said Mike Khanna, CEO of Sonasoft. ‘SAIBRE is perfect for teams that don’t want to invest in building million-dollar data science teams but still want to leverage AI transformation. These teams can outsource their AI initiatives to Sonasoft to handle the end-to-end creation of their AI bots all the way from ideation to production.’

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With SAIBRE, companies can look forward to zero-effort AI. That means zero-effort data science, thanks to our leading team of experts. Zero effort deployments on Sonasoft’s infrastructure, so there is no impact on your engineering team. And zero effort maintenance, thanks to advanced monitoring, customizable dashboards, and one-click retraining.

‘When I started to design SAIBRE, I wanted a system that allows AI bots to be created in a simple drag-and-drop manner’, says Max Lee, Sonasoft’s VP of Engineering. ‘As you add elements, the system suggests what you need to add next. Under the hood, it is creating, testing, and deploying fully functional AI bots. Underpinning all this is our patent-pending approach for creating super-efficient neural networks. The result has superseded all my expectations, and is so effective we now use it for all of our in-house AI projects.’